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8 Modern design trends

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

A lot has already been said about interior design trends for 2022. Now is the time to talk about the architectural trends that will define our houses and apartments’ look and layout soon. Today, when the harmony of external and internal is important everywhere, and in everything, it is imperative to find a solution for the exterior and your home architecture that fully corresponds to your mood and current trends among architects – especially since it is from them that you can get a lot of extraordinary ideas.

Like 2021, 2022 focuses on new and emerging technologies, durable architectural elements, and conscious consumption. It should also be noted that architecture today is a kind of reflection of social trends. Therefore the use of recycled materials, alternative energy sources, and utmost care for the environment will again come to the fore. But first things first: we present to you seven architectural trends, which we will get to know even closer in the coming season.

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